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Instagram Chatbots

You can’t always be there when your customers have questions. Thankfully, our Instagram Chatbots don’t need sleep or caffeine to tend to customer queries around the clock


We’ll help you build a library of IG autoresponders that automatically detect and answer your audiences most commonly asked questions on Instagram DM.

Machine Learning

The more our bots work for your business, the more they learn about what you do, who you serve, and how to communicate with them in a language they’ll always understand!

Flowchart Based Interface

Customize anything from text to media and initiate chats in seconds, capture and store important user information, and instantly respond to anyone who mentions you in their IG story – no coding needed

Keyword Detection

If an IG user messages you using pre-determined keywords or phrases, our bots can trigger full-blown conversations with them. This really comes in handy for chats that start in Instagram Stories.

Third-Party Integration

From HubSpot to ActiveCampaign, Zapier, and beyond, we support our clients with a rainbow of third-party integrations. Just another way we make your life easier, more efficient, and more connected.

Based on dozens of reviews
Probably the best service for Instagram customer support. It acts like a real person and has relatively helped in the growth of our business. Thanks Smarter.
It has been a great relief using this auto responder from Smarter Post. It's accurate and gives out exactly what is expected.
It has been a great deal with you Smarter Post. With this bot in my pocket, I go about with my busy schedule at ease. Thanks again Smarter Post.
This bot is a huge asset to my company. Thanks Smarter.
It is so amazing working with this bot. It’s really a work facilitator as it responds amazingly to my DMs. Happy I made this deal with Smarter Post.
I just love everything about this bot. It’s instant response is extremely awesome. It relatively works easily with our hundreds of clients and has really helped us closed more deals. All thanks to Smarter.
I feel good and more secured using this bot. It has taken off a York on my business as it works effectively and efficiently. Thanks Smarter, it was a great deal with you.
Smarter Post auto responder bot is just perfect to accurately respond to my business DMs just lake a real person.
I am happy with the auto responder bot and the deal I had with Smarter Post. My business needed 24hrs accurate response and I just go the solution. I really appreciate Smarter Post.
Excellent service I now have with this bot. Never been this excited with the way my DMs are being responded. Thanks again Smarter.
I would recommend this Smarter auto responder bot for its service is amazing.
This bot is something else on Instagram, it works impeccably. Thanks for this great deal Smarter Post.
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